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A Lolita-licious community for those living in Austin, Texas.
Community Rules

Posts found to be violating these rules will be deleted without question, so please take a moment to make sure what you're posting is ok!

1. Be respectful. Each of us can do the most good by simply being nice to each other. If you don't have anything nice to say, please refrain from saying anything at all.

2. No bashing of any kind. Race, gender, religion, age, size, sexual orientation, or anything else that could single someone out are not things that should be commented on in a public forum.

3. Advertising and cross-posting to other communities is allowed ONLY WITH PERMISSION FROM THE MODERATOR. This applies to events, sales posts, and anything we might be interested in, no matter if it has to do with Austin or not.

4. Sales posts are allowed on a temporary basis. One person may not make more than one sales post in a calendar month. Please place sales posts under a cut, with a maximum of one photo outside of the cut.

5. Meetup and event posts are allowed, and can be planned as far in advance as you'd like, but reminders are limited. In the month leading up to the meetup/event, reminders can be posted once per week, with an additional post the day before the meetup/event. Any earlier than that, posts can be made once every two weeks.

6. Shopping hauls, reviews, photo posts, and art posts are all allowed. Anything not explicitly covered in these rules is allowed, but these rules are subject to change with no warning.